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Executive Director

René Louise De Klerk

+27 60 964 8429


René has worked in academia for the bulk of her career, stretching over 16 years. During her academic career she held various positions at public and private universities:


She holds a B Com, LLB; LLM and PhD (Leadership). Her research has had a specific focus on the social construction of leadership; integrated reporting; responsible investment and fiduciary responsibilities.


Her teachings focused largely on corporate social responsibility, responsible leadership and the Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2020, she has also entered the consulting space and has worked for Trialogue, a sustainability consulting firm in South Africa. In this role, she advised on integrated reporting strategy and transparency reports.


Most recently, in August 2023, she took on the role as Executive Director of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS).  


She is an experienced leader, lecturer and researcher with first-class communication, organizational and analytical skills. She is passionate about developing young, responsible leaders and to equip young leaders to become people of purpose through knowledge, vision and health.

WAS Executive Director René de Klerk

PhD (Leadership),

University of Pretoria (2019)

Title of thesis: The social construction of leadership: A follower-centric investigation into integrated reporting.


LLM (Master of Laws),

University of South Africa, South Africa (2012)

Title of dissertation: “Fiduciary Responsibility and Responsible Investment: Definitions, Interpretations and Implications for the Key Role Players in the Pension Fund Investment Chain”.

LLB (Bachelor of Law),

University of South Africa, South Africa (2005)

BCom Law (Baccalaureus Commercii with specialization in Law),

University of Pretoria, South Africa (2003)

Main subjects in final year BCom were Financial Management and Financial Accounting

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