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WAS Membership

WAS is a membership organization of individual supporting members and organizations.  

Among the organizations are regional, international, national, and academic bodies that work in sexology.

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WAS Federations

WAS Federations

Logo of the Latin Federation of Sexology and Sexuality Education Societies (FLASSES)
Logo of the Asia-Oceanic Federation of Sexology (AOFS)
Logo of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS)
Logo of the East Mediterranean Federation of Sexual Health (EMFeSH)
Logo of the North American Federation for Sexual Health (NSFASH)
Logo os Sexual Health Africa (SHA)

Membership Options

WAS has four categories of membership: 

organizationalindividualstudent and honorary 

(awarded by WAS).

All categories enjoy all the privileges of membership, but only a certain number of organizational member representatives have voting rights in the General Assembly.


WAS is not a certifying body.

Individual membership in WAS does not imply that WAS certifies the capabilities of the members. 

Individual members cannot use membership to promote themselves.

For further information, please see the WAS Statutes and Bylaws.

Membership Benefits


  1. The opportunity to participate in WAS committees and projects

  2. Access to the WAS Members Area with educational resources

  3. FREE access to the International Journal of Sexual Health

  4. Discounted rates to attend WAS congresses

  5. 10% Discount on WPATH Membership

  6. 20% Discount on a WAS Accredited SAR

  7. FREE access to WAS Members-only Webinars

  8. Access to the WAS Broadcast Group for instant updates


  1. The right to vote in WAS General Assembly

  2. The right to present candidates for the WAS Advisory Board

  3. The opportunity to participate in WAS committees and projects

  4. The opportunity for networking with other members and recognized experts in sexuality-related fields

  5. Promote your organisation’s meetings through the WAS database

  6. Get endorsement of Statements through the WAS Statements Committee

  7. Host official WAS World Sexual Health Day Events

  8. Publicly note your association’s membership to WAS

  9. Discount rates to ALL your members for WAS congresses

  10. Discounted access for ALL your members to the International Journal of Sexual Health (only 50USD!)

  11. FREE Access to WAS Members-only Webinars

  12. Opportunity for ALL your members to be on the WAS Broadcast group to receive instant information from WAS

  13. The right to bid for organizing a WAS world congress

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The mobile companion for everyone passionate about sexual health

Add a profile pic and introduce yourself in our WASapp community.

Membership Fees


Members Type

Individual (not a member of an affiliated WAS organization, federation or professional body)

Individual (member of an affiliated WAS Member organization or federation)

Students (students of sexual health-related courses and institutions)

Annual Fee (USD)







Annual Fee (USD)







Number of Members

1 - 100

101 - 399

400 - 699

700 - 999

1000 - 1999

2000 +

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