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World Sexual Health Day 2024

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What is World Sexual Health Day?

World Sexual Health Day is celebrated annually on 4 September to raise awareness about the importance of sexual health, rights, justice and pleasure for ALL.


WSHD was first launched in 2010 by Rosemary Coates of Australia during her WAS Presidency. This important day brings people together worldwide to promote sexual health, rights, justice and pleasure.
One of the essential things WSHD focuses on is recognizing sexual health as a human right, just like the WAS Sexual Rights Declaration did 25 years ago.


World Sexual Health Day is vital to WAS’s mission to bring Sexual Health, Rights, Justice and Pleasure to ALL. So let’s join in celebrating this important day!


WSHD aims to promote education, dialogue, and action around sexual health and rights to ensure that everyone has access to accurate information and services. 


WAS calls on everyone – governments, organizations, healthcare providers, advocates, and the media – to promote consent as a fundamental aspect of sexual rights.

WSHD promotes the need to make sexual health a global priority. It is also a day to celebrate and honor our rights to pleasure, autonomy, and respect.

2024 Theme

The theme for WSHD 2024 is +Relationships

We’re excited to unveil the 2024 World Sexual Health Day (WSHD) theme: “+ Relationships,” set for 4th September 2024.


This year’s theme emphasizes the significance of fostering positive aspects in various relationships, a cornerstone of sexual health.

Remember, WSHD is more than a day. You’re invited to acknowledge and promote positive relationships not only on 4th September but throughout the entire year.

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