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World Sexual Health Day 2024 Celebrates the Vitality of +Relationships on 4 September

Press Release

[Stellenbosch, South Africa, 26 March 2024] – World Sexual Health Day is celebrated every year on the 4th of September. The theme for 2024 has been released by The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), the official custodian of World Sexual Health Day (WSHD): +Relationships (Positive Relationships).

This globally recognized event aims to promote awareness and understanding of sexual health issues and this year the emphasis is on the importance of healthy and respectful relationships.

The theme “+Relationships” underscores the fundamental role that relationships play in sexual health and overall well-being. Whether romantic, familial, or platonic, relationships are the cornerstone of human connection and intimacy. They provide support, companionship, and a sense of belonging, contributing significantly to individuals’ mental, emotional, and sexual health.

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology often substitutes face-to-face interaction, nurturing meaningful relationships has become more crucial than ever. World Sexual Health Day 2024 encourages people worldwide to prioritize building and maintaining healthy relationships built on trust, communication, and mutual respect, free from coercion and violence.

Lynn Barclay, President of the American Sexual Health Association and Chair of the WAS World Sexual Health Day Committee, emphasizes the significance of this year’s theme, stating, “Healthy relationships are integral to sexual health. They create a supportive environment where individuals feel comfortable discussing sexual matters, addressing concerns, and seeking help when needed.

Throughout the day and the month of September, various events, workshops, and campaigns will be organized globally to raise awareness about the importance of relationships in sexual health. These initiatives will cover topics such as effective communication, consent, and sexual pleasure, aiming to empower individuals to cultivate fulfilling and satisfying relationships.

WAS members; allies and all like-minded organizations are invited to organize activities to make WSHD resonate as a grassroots initiative in as many countries, states, provinces, cities, and neighborhoods as possible. WAS encourages the sharing of scientific, evidence- and rights-based information that is experience-informed and delivered in a culturally sensitive manner.

We believe that by fostering healthy relationships, we can positively impact individuals’ sexual health and well-being,” says Elna Rudolph, MD, President of the World Association for Sexual Health, South Africa. “Our goal is to spark meaningful conversations, challenge societal norms, and promote a culture of inclusivity and acceptance."

The World Association for Sexual Health is primarily focused towards professionals working in Sexual Health and Rights, but with this annual event, we aim for a much wider reach towards the general public. WAS works diligently towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through improving sexual health indicators. Positive, violence-free relationships play an important role in achieving the SDGs.”

WSHD also aims to influence public policy through advocacy and by involving politicians and key figures to make this day recognized in their cities, states or countries. This has been achieved in Portugal in 2021 and the state of Jalisco in Mexico. WSHD has been included in the calendar of UN agencies like WHO, IPPF, and UNFPA; as well as the international media.


Official Hashtags for WSHD 2024:

Official Website for WSHD:  


About World Sexual Health Day:

Guided by then-President Rosemary Coates of Australia, WAS launched the first World Sexual Health Day in 2010 to bring the global community together to promote sexual health and well-being. A key element of these efforts is recognizing sexual health within a human rights framework as outlined 25 years ago in the landmark Declaration of Sexual Rights.

WAS called all their organizations to celebrate World Sexual Health Day every September 4th in an effort to promote a greater social awareness of sexual health across the globe. Each year, WSHD focuses on a different theme. The first World Sexual Health Day theme was “Let’s Talk About It,” a message designed to start breaking fears and taboos surrounding sexuality.

The 2024 theme is Positive Relationships. For more information about World Sexual Health Day and all the resources developed specifically for the 2024 theme, please the official WSHD website:

For more information about the World Association for Sexual Health, please visit the official website: and more specifically the WAS Declarations on Sexual Rights, Sexual Pleasure and Congress Declaration on Sexual Justice at


Media Contact:

Lisa Welsh


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