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We're Going Down Under

We’re delighted to share details of the 27th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS 2025), set to unfold in the scenic city of Brisbane, Australia, from June 16-19, 2025. 

In a pioneering move, WAS 2025 will merge with the regional federation congress of the Asia-Oceania Federation for Sexology (AOFS) - amplifying the impact of regional expertise on a global stage.

The Vision of Unity

In the spirit of cooperation and shared purpose, WAS will present a groundbreaking congress in partnership with the AOFS, the and the . This collaborative effort shows our commitment to bolster regional federations and amplify their voices within the global discourse on sexual health and rights.

The theme of the WAS 2025 is Advancing Sexual Health, Rights, Justice and Pleasure. Everyone. Everywhere. Every Time.

This theme encapsulates our mission to transcend boundaries and ensure that every individual, regardless of location, has access to comprehensive sexual health resources and rights. It's a call to action for universality in sexual health, emphasizing the need for justice and joy in sexual experiences as fundamental human rights.

The Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) is the appointed PCO for the congress.

This joint venture goes beyond geographical boundaries, reflecting WAS's strategic focus on inclusivity and diversity. By integrating the regional insights and expertise of the AOFS with the robust knowledge base of the Society of Australian Sexologists and the clinical wisdom of ASHM, WAS 2025 will be a melting pot of ideas and perspectives, enriching the collective understanding of challenges and advancements in Sexual Health and Rights.

WAS 2025 will bring together experts, practitioners and thought leaders from across the globe to engage in meaningful dialogue. The event embodies our vision in which the synergy between regional knowledge and global strategies creates a holistic approach to tackling sexual health issues. This alignment ensures that the conversations and outcomes of the Congress are not only globally relevant but also resonate with the local realities of diverse populations.

Through such dynamic partnerships, WAS reaffirms its dedication to enhancing the global conversation on Sexual Health and Rights. When we join forces, the potential for change and progress is limitless.

Spotlight on AOFS

Under the esteemed leadership of President Rosediani Muhamad, AOFS has been instrumental in driving the mission of Sexual Health and Rights forward with vigor and dedication. AOFS plays a pivotal role in cultivating a network of professionals dedicated to advancing the science and practice of sexology. As president of the regional WAS Federation, Dr Rosediani Muhamad from Malaysia will also serve as the Honorary Congress President for the upcoming 2025 Congress.

AOFS plays a pivotal role in cultivating a network of professionals dedicated to advancing the science and practice of sexology. Through its commitment to promoting continuous education, the federation has successfully implemented bi-annual conferences that serve as essential platforms for dialogue, discovery, and dissemination of the latest research and best practices. 

Adding to the leadership's depth, Christopher Fox from AOFS has been appointed as the chair of the Local Scientific Committee for the Congress. His expertise will be pivotal in steering the scientific direction of the Congress, ensuring that the sessions and presentations align with the highest standards of academia and relevance.

The Congress will further benefit from the dynamic leadership of the Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS). After careful consideration, the Advisory Committee of WAS has accepted the proposal from SAS to appoint their president, Dr. Armin Ariana, based in Brisbane, as the WAS 2025 Congress President. Dr. Armin Ariana will bring local insights and a fresh perspective to the role, enhancing the Congress's impact and reach. 

In his capacity as Congress President, Dr. Armin will also serve as an ex-officio member of the WAS Advisory Board, leading up to the congress. His involvement is expected to bridge local initiatives with global standards, fostering a comprehensive and inclusive approach to the Congress themes and discussions.

These appointments underline the collaborative spirit and shared goals of WAS and its federations. Together, they exemplify a united front in advancing global sexual health and rights, setting the stage for what promises to be a transformative event in Brisbane.

Brisbane Beckons

The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), stands ready to welcome WAS 2025 delegates. Nestled in the heart of Brisbane, it has garnered acclaim as the ‘World’s Best Convention Centre.’ 

Beyond its cutting-edge facilities for formal presentations, BCEC’s design encourages spontaneous networking and dialogue. Prepare for open areas bathed in the warm Queensland sun, inviting lounges for casual meetings and quiet corners for reflection.

The centre's dedication to providing world-class catering means that every coffee break and meal will be an experience in itself, with a taste of local cuisine and international flavors to keep the conversation flowing.

The Road to 2025

The WAS Congress Organizing Committee is an assembly of professionals and leaders in the field of sexual health. 

The regional and local host organizations are supported by a team from WAS, including WAS President Elna Rudolph, WAS Vice-President Alain Giami, WAS Secretary General Luis Perelman and WAS Past President Pedro Nobre ensuring the Congress aligns with the association’s highest standards and vision.

The chair of the WAS Congress Committee, Jeyarani Kamaraj, along with the Chair of the WAS  Scientific Committee, Erick Janssen, and Vice Chairs Kristen Mark and Terry Humphrey, bring together a diverse range of experts. They curate the scientific content, ensuring a program that's both relevant and pioneering. The Local Scientific Committee, led by Christopher Fox, complements this effort by focusing on regional contributions and topics of interest.

Each committee member plays a vital role, from managing logistics to shaping the program, engaging in fundraising, coordinating marketing efforts and creating networking and social events that enrich the Congress experience.

The Countdown Begins

While the detailed agenda for WAS 2025 is still under wraps, we will begin accepting abstract submissions on June 16th, 2024. The registration details will be released soon!

Whether you’re looking to present or participate, stay tuned for upcoming announcements that will outline how you can contribute to and benefit from WAS 2025.


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