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Professional Committee for Education and Training in
Clinical Sexology (2021 - 2025)


The purpose of the committee is to provide advice and support in the area of professional education and training in clinical sexology and oversee the quality of educational and training activities undertaken on behalf of WAS. 


Areas of professional training in clinical sexology are:

  • Education in basic sexology;

  • Training in sexological counseling;

  • Training in sex therapy;

  • Training in clinical sexology for psychotherapists (psychologists and doctors);

  • Education in medical sexology/sexual medicine.

Typical Tasks:

  • Conduct a global survey on professional education and training in clinical sexology (GLOPES)

  • Make an analysis of major training programs in clinical sexology

  • Suggest guidelines for accreditation of training programs

  • Revise WAS definitions of professional specialties (see current website)


Elsa Almås (Norway):


Leiszle Lapping Carr (USA):


Meet The Team

Past Members (2017 - 2021)

Co-Chairs: Elsa Almås (Norway) and Christopher Fox (Australia)

Osmo Kontula (Finland)
Cristina Tania Fridman (Argentina)
Alain Giami (France)
Patricia Pascoal (Portugal)
Patti Britton (United States)

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