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Transgender and Gender Diversity (TGD) Committee (2021 - 2025)

The overall objective of the committee is to assist all processes worldwide to support TGD people in the strive for recognition, rights, health and positive gender belonging. 

Completed, thus far, to work towards this goal, is the establishment of a blog where we can share, as wide as we can, news that may influence TGD peoples’ lives. This includes scientific research as well as socio-political issues that we might influence, as a committee and/or with the support of WAS.

To be as well informed as possible, at any time, each member of the TGD committee will establish contacts with organizations, federations and individuals who can inform us with material for this blog and with whom we can hopefully establish fruitful exchanges with rapid responses and support.

We also see the option of compiling a set of short, evidence-based statements that can be pulled out and used as:

  • press releases (or indeed as statements of WAS policy) on: for example: trans healthcare, trans youth healthcare, access to bathrooms and other gendered spaces, sports participation, gender identity recognition etc. 

  • position pieces for legislators and policy makers, and for individuals and organizations in need of support

Lastly, we want to make an international resource list concerning TGD needs that can also be added to the WAS website.

Meet The Team

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