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The Evolution of WAS into a Confederation

During the landmark 26th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), pivotal developments unfolded, to reshape the landscape of Sexual Health and Rights globally. 

In a move reflective of our ongoing commitment to inclusivity, collaboration and global representation, WAS formalized our relationship with our official regional federations. This transformation, along with updating our statutes, marks a new chapter in our journey towards Sexual Health and Rights for ALL.

Strengthening Global Collaboration

On November 3, 2023, WAS evolved into a confederation — a collective of autonomous official regional federations and international organizations, all united under a shared vision. While our name remains unchanged, this new structure embodies a deeper commitment to working hand in hand with our federations across every region. 

This collaborative effort aims to:

  • Better serve professionals dedicated to Sexual Health and Rights,

  • Play a more effective role in Advancing the e the United Nations Sustainable Development goals by addressing key sexual health indicators 

  • Reflect the diverse agendas of each region in our strategic planning.

The Federations Project

The journey towards becoming a confederation reached a milestone with the establishment of the core principles of the WAS Charter on November 1, 2023, in Antalya, Turkey. This project saw the coming together of federations under the WAS umbrella, each with its unique contributions.

Asia-Oceania Federation for Sexology (AOFS): Led by Dr Rosediani Muhamad, AOFS promotes knowledge exchange and ethical practices in sexology across Asia and Oceania.

European Federation of Sexology (EFS): Under President Mehmet Sungur, EFS advances the field of sexology in Europe with over 50 active societies.

Latin American Federation of Sexology and Sex Education Societies (FLASSES): Founded in 1980 and led by Felipe Hurtado Murillo, FLASSES champions sexology and sexuality education across Latin America.

North American Federation for Sexual Health (NAFSH): Initiated by President Lynn Barclay, NAFSH represents North American members within WAS, succeeding NAFSO.

The East Mediterranean Federation of Sexual Health (EMFeSH): Headed by Faysal el Kak, EMFeSH is dedicated to promoting sexual and reproductive health rights in the East Mediterranean region.

Sexual Health Africa (SHA): The newly established official WAS federation in Africa, SHA, alongside the African Federation for Sexual Health and Rights (AFSHR) led by Uwemedimu Uko Esiet, aims to foster sexual health and rights across the continent.

WAS Statutes and Charter

This period of transformation includes updates to the WAS statutes and the adoption of the WAS Charter. 

These documents not only reflect our expanded scope and collaborative ethos but also emphasize the crucial role of regional federation presidents in WAS governance. Together, these changes fortify our commitment to ethical standards, human rights, diversity and shared initiatives for sexual health and rights.

A Unified Path Forward

As WAS embarks on this new phase as a confederation, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all federation presidents, board members and our community for their unwavering commitment. This collective effort underscores our resolve to make sexual health and rights accessible to all, guided by principles of diversity, inclusion and mutual respect.

As we move forward, united in our mission, we invite you to stay engaged with WAS. Your support and involvement are vital as we continue to work towards a world where every individual's Sexual Health and Rights are recognized and upheld.



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